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Make sure you already have an Account to Poloniex. If you don't have, please sign up first and explore the basic "Buy and Sell" of other altcoins to BTC.

Please follow the procedure in using Poloniex Account.

If you have any questions about the basics of using Poloniex, just comment your questions and I will reply.

STEP 1: Create your Account, If you don't have account this will guide you on how to have an account. SIMPLE STEPS TO REGISTER FOR FREE AND GET YOUR FREE ₱50.00

A. Click this Referral Code:

B. After registration, download coins ph mobile app to your mobile phone

C. After downloading, log in to coins ph mobile app

D. After successful log in, go to "Limits & Verifications."

E. Click "identity verification" (upload your valid id)

F. Click "selfie verification" (instant selfie upload)

That's it!! Congratulations!!

After 3 days coinsph will verify and send your FREE ₱50.00. You and your friend both receive ₱50.00..

Note: Unahin mag register bago mag download ng coinsph app. Kasi kung uunahin mo mag download hindi rin magkakalaman ng 50pesos ung coinsph mo. Sundin dapat ung step by step.

(Verify your GOV'T ID & SELFIE plus may 50php ka pa agad sa coins wallet pag VERIFIED)

Browse maigi ang account nyo para matutunan nyo ang basic kung paano mag "CASH IN, CASHOUT AT MAGSEND NG BTC OR PESO sa ibang wallet address."

STEP 2: Sign up to

About Poloniex

It is a pure crypto to crypto exchange based in the United States. With a grand redesign in early 2015 the site has added a wealth of features to provide a fully immersive trading experience. Technical analysis charts and live chat mean it is easy to stay abreast of news flow and analyse price trends before taking a position.For a crypto to crypto exchange there is good security and decent volume and orderbook depth for the majority of its trading pairs. Trading fees are flat at 0.2% and deposit and withdrawal fees are subject to the blockchain's specific minimum transaction fee. Just fill up the following in signing up: First NameLast NameCountryEmail PasswordThen click the captcha. Check the box that you are not a robot and check that you agreed to the terms and conditions. After that, you need to verify it thru your email. Just click the link in your email and your done signing up, you can now Log in to the site.


A. Log in to Poloniex.

B. Click to the upper right corner of the board the "ACCOUNT"

C. Click the 'Balances'

D. Go to 'Deposits and Withdrawals'

E. Look for BTC Coin on the list

F. Click the 'Deposit' on the right side, then there will be an address that will show to you.

G. Copy the wallet address of BTC.

H. Paste it to your btc wallet address to send btc to your Poloniex BTC Wallet.

I. Wait for 10mins to 2 hours, it will depend on the blockchain process. You may check it to your 'History' in if your transaction is confirmed.

J. You may check also under 'Balances' >>> 'Withdrawal and Deposits' if your btc wallet has already amount of btc there.

That's it. Just wait until the deposit is already in your BTC WALLET IN POLONIEX.


A. Log in to your Poloniex Account

B. Go to 'Exchange'

C. Click the coin that you like to buy on the 'Markets' that is the Trading live that is located at the upper right corner.

D. Choose coin which has a higher volume but lower in price from the Top 10-20 that you can see in the 'Markets'

E. After you choose your coin to buy, just type the amount/quantity of the coin you like to buy that is equal to your bitcoin amount. It is automatically calculated how much total of btc it is equivalent to your chosen coin to trade.

F. Just click 'BUY'

G. Then click 'OK'

H. You may see the amount of the coins or summary of coins you bought in the ' Account' >>> 'Orders' >>> 'My Trade History and Analysis'.


If I bought Digibytes or DGB for example, and I'd like to withdraw it and turn it into cash... I need to...

A. 'SELL' it first, go to >>> 'Exchange'

B. Choose your coin that you bought in the 'Markets' list that you would like to sell.

C. Go to the 'SELL' box, put how many coins you like to sell.

D. Click 'SELL' then 'OK'.

E. It will automatically added to your BTC WALLET IN POLONIEX that you can see in 'Account' >>> 'Balances' >>> 'Deposit and Withdrawal'.

F. Look in the Balances List your 'BTC Wallet', click the 'WITHDRAWAL' at the right side.

G. Copy paste your BTC Wallet Address from account to your BTC Wallet in Poloniex.

H. Type the amount of BTC you like to withdraw.

I. Click 'Withdraw'.Wait for a while, it will send to your BTC wallet in your account but before that Check your email first to "Confirm" the withdrawal that Poloniex has sent to you. It may take few minutes or hours depends to the transactions in blockchain.

J. Once sent, you can view the status of your withdrawal by going selecting Balances >>> History using the main menu.

K. You can cash out the money to your to your bank account.


You can download it from your Playstore (Android) or Appstore (Iphone).

Why you need to download this?

👍 For you to organize all coins that you bought from Poloniex.

👍 Easily track your trading.

👍 You can monitor anytime your crytocurrency investments.

👍 Just one click to see updates and read some news about your coins.


A. Download Blockfolio App.

B. To add your transaction from Poloniex to Blockfolio, GO to '+' sign that you can see at the upper right corner of your blockfolio account.

C. Then Search the coin that you bought from Poloniex.

D. Click to the ' Select Exchange' then "Poloniex"

E. Type the amount or quantity of your coin that you bought from Poloniex. You can see how many coins you have in the section of 'Balances' >>> 'Deposits and Withdrawals' in your Poloniex Account. The total value of your entered quantity coins will automatically calculated.

F. Click the 'BUY'

G. Then 'SAVE'


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